Hofstra and Hempstead Community—How can the two communities relate

This is a project made by my group relating to crime and the community in Hempstead and how it relates to Hofstra University.

This is the article discussing the crime happening in Hempstead and how it effects the Hofstra community . Link here. articel snippet

Here is a video that was made that discussed how Hofstra and Hempstead communities can integrate. Link here .

VIDEOAlso related to the video, is a slideshow comparing Hofstra and Hempstead. Here is the link.




this is a good infographic to explain the coloration between Hofstra and Hempstead.



Hempstead and Hofstra University;

Is the Hempstead Neighborhood Safe for Hofstra Students

As good of a university Hofstra is, the town of Hempstead surrounding it becomes a different story. From shootings to robberies, Hofstra does its best to make the campus safe and get students attending to look past the trouble brought about by Hempstead.

Hofstra campus is located in a part of Hempstead that most people would call “ghetto.” Almost every couple of weeks Hofstra sends out an official email to every student body regarding a robbery of a Hofstra student. The problem is not just that the robbery occurred, but also because the robberies happen on campus, as much as off it.

“I get out of class pretty late,” said commuter Dana Gibbs, a senior at Hofstra. “Before when it got dark pretty early I got scared to stand at the bus stop thinking I might get my phone snatched.”

Public safety themselves is also trying to do their best to keep the students safe. A sophomore student at Hofstra, Denisse Giron said, “I think it is really good decisions with bus stations to Hempstead and Mineola and the night shuttle as well.” With the buses getting the students around most of the Hempstead neighborhood, has kept less alerts popping out of some kind of robberies of Hofstra students.

According to neighborhoodscout.com, Hempstead’s crime rate is 88 percent higher than New York states cities and towns. Let us say that is not considered the best fact, as Hofstra is one of the more prestigious universities to attend.

Yet not all students think that Hofstra and public safety department here is doing all that great.

“I think they just patrol. When you think of robberies happening I don’t see precautions happening,” said Erlene Olson a sophomore at Hofstra. The public safety at Hofstra all it does is once in a while walk around campus to see if anything is wrong, most of the time they hang around the public safety building on California ave.

But even though the crime rate is that high, it does not mean that students will be less likely to come here. Olson even knowing about the somewhat dangerous Hempstead neighborhood bucked up her courage to come to study at Hofstra, coming from New Jersey.

“There are dangers everywhere, so you just figure out you don’t go to certain places, hang around with people, just don’t’ put yourselves in harm’s way,” said Olson.

The two communities that seem so separated it would seem for the best to try and integrate the two so that the crime could be controlled better. “Other Hempstead high schools should encourage the students to come here,” said Giron. “The more local students come to Hofstra the more integrated we could become.”

Journalists Facing Danger

This is an Infographic I did regarding the imprisonment of journalist around the world and the currJournalists in Dangerent status of how many journalists are killed or imprisoned. The captured journalists need to be freed no matter what!  They should not be condemned for bringing valid, non-biased information to the people. Go to the infographic HERE.






Protests That Get Violent: Columbia University Conference

(A bit of a delayed post about this event, but it sure was a great one.)

Columbia University Holds a Press Conference on Protests and Their Outcomes

Feb. 24, 2014 at 7:15 p.m. Columbia University Journalism School held a panel discussion event, “Protest, Police, and Rights: When Good Protests Go Bad,” in regards to the current situation in Kiev, Ukraine. The panel consisted of Timothy Frye, director at Harriman Institute and Marshal D. Shulman professor of Post-soviet Foreign Policy, Olesya Gerasimenko, 2014 Paul Klebnikov Russian civil society fellow, Todd Gitlin, professor of journalism and sociology at Columbia University Journalism School, and Oxana Shevel, associate professor of political science at Tufts University.


The speakers at the Columbia University Conference.

  During the event everyone listened intently and the people that were attending came from different locations and different backgrounds. The event was in a pretty small room, I expected it to be a lot bigger. One attendee, Eco, said, “It was exciting to have academic and more seasoned views being presented in the same context around journalism and around events in the Ukraine in the past week, past months . People were able to speak quite thoroughly and had no restrictions of what was said.”

  Most of the conversation regarded the recent protest and outcomes of the protests that occurred in Ukraine. One of the big issues discussed was if violent protests are helpful in achieving the goal of the protest.  “Violence, in case of Ukraine, did help,” said Shevel. “Because every time Yanukovich regime responded was after a protest is pushed back and violence took place.”

  Yet, not everyone at the panel agreed with her point of view. Protests are costly, not in economical way, but also in deaths, in the amounts of wounded and the destruction of the city. “Protests are very costly and risky,” said Frye. “It’s very costly to the both sides, just look at the pictures of the Maidan Square, look at the people that lost their lives.”

   The violence that occurs at the protests is usually coming from uncertainty and mistakes that either of the sides is making, according to Frye. For example, the Kiev protests became violent when either a protester or a riot police officer hit the opposing side.


Oxana Shevel speaking on the topic of the violent protests that recently happened in the Ukraine.

Todd Gitlin a professor of Journalism and Sociology at Columbia Journalism School and one of the speakers at the conference.

   As one group that I follow stated, we do not need to fight for peace, we need to peace for peace. War or violence is the easy way out of conflict. Talking out the situation, or protesting in a way that you are not hurting the opposing side is a way to fight that could be just as effective as violence. The way the protests in Kiev started out was the way to go and finish off.

  Out of all the attending speakers only Todd Gitlin talked about the protests that happened around the US. Gitlin said in connection with protests,“converging a movement of ‘no,’ to a force of ‘yes’” can make a difference. The 2011 Egypt protests are a good example of a “movement of no.”

   As countries around the world are starting to protest against their governments, for example the recent Venezuela protests that took place right after Ukraine, I hope the US little by little will start noticing its own corrupt systems and ways in which they could change them.


The attendees at the conference listening to one of the speakers.

Frye said, “the tipping dynamic makes protests so hard to predict.” At some point Americans will reach that tipping point and will make change and history.

State of the Union Address ’14

The State of the Union Address has ended and let’s just hope that all the promises that Obama is promising us today will actually come true by the end of the how he has promised. At this point my worries are Syria and how Obama wants to get the nose into their business and Guantanamo bay prison finally closing. For the text of the speech go here and for the video here.

10.25- Obama walking around giving autographs like a big star of the show.

10.20- The speech is over, but I did not hear Obama mentioning about the spying, the shutdown, or gun control. He talked about the shootings that occurred recently, but did not expand on the issue.

10.16–Cory Remsburg. So Obama wants us to go to Syria so we can have more people like Cory come out, that are not only physically unstable, but also mentally ? Be strong Cory!

10.07- Wow creating a separate state of Palestine. I do hope it will cease fire between Palestine and Israel.

10.05- The Guantanamo Bay prison is going to close ! Oh boy, that sure is taking him long to close down. Once again this was a promise from his first term. I will say one more time, how was Obama expecting to keep his promises from the first term, without yet knowing that he would be re-elected once more. Or did he already know???

10.03- Support Syria? how does he know which side he needs to support. Syria needs to find its own answer, without the US getting its nose into it. Was Iraq and Afghanistan not enough?

10.02- The war with Iraq and Afghanistan will finally be over by the end of this year…. Obama promised this in his very first term and he did it just now. What if he was not going to be reelected again. The troops better be out of the war by the end of the year. Otherwise I will be in even bigger disappointment.

9.59- I think I hear gun control coming up. Or is just me.

9.58- “It’s the spirit of citizenship, the recognition that through hard work and responsibility, we can pursue our individual dreams, but still come together as one American family to make sure the next generation can pursue its dreams as well.”

9. 56- The speaker of the house, John Boehner, has finally let a smile go across his lips. The Affordable Care Act most definitely makes this man happy.

9.48-Obama wants to raise the minimum wage. Can’t wait for that! I need that extra dollar or two raise in my minimum wage!

9.46- Woman deserve equal pay for equal work. This country should have quite talking about this as a problem years ago. Hard to believe it is still such a big issue in 2014. How Obama said, it truly is an embarrassment.

9.45- Let us reach out to students with education debt and how we can fix and change it. As Obama said, “I want to work with Congress to see how we can help even more Americans who feel trapped by student loan debt.”

9.42.- Research shows that high quality early education is key to allowing our kids to grow faster in learning and being ready for the future higher education.

9.40- We have to prepare not the current workforce, but also the future workforce as well

9.38- The congress needs to return the unemployment insurance that just expired. 1.6 million people had their unemployment taken away. Let’s just be sure that all of these 1.6 million need the unemployment. There are those who truly need it, and then the ones who just lazy to get out and work.

9.35- Immigration reform all over again. Now we’re going to be doing it this year. Obama is asking for quite a bit of reform for this year. Will the President be ready to make his “dreams” come true this year?? Personally I am tired of hearing about immigration reform. I thought problem was solved with Mark Rubio.

9.34- We need a shift to cleaner more sufficient energy use and production. I sure do agree!

9.30- I don’t know if Joe Biden is paying attention, or flirting with the crowd. That big ol’ smile!

9.29 – New goods with  “stamped made in the USA” I do agree, because some of the clothes you get that are made in US are so much better quality!!

9.27–loop holes in the tax system are a big problem that needs to change. Obama wants to start a tax reform. Oh please do. Maybe Occupy Wall Street did make some people listen! Hmm.

9.25– The crowd is going wild. They sure get happy easily.

9.23- Speaks about the First Lady, Michelle. Obama is using her as great example of moving forward and helping the people. Talks about her program for kids with obesity.

9.19– Building the trust with the people. Right, so much trust. Shutdown government, made and even higher budget, spied on his own people that he wants to trust him.

9.17- The deficit has been caught by half. Also, the US is the number one  country to invest, not China. Phew. Here we go, patriotism. Applaud, applaud, applaud.

9.14– Wow. Did not expect such a loud and happy crowd.

9.12- Obama looks tense. Not a lot of smiling from him, like his usual from ear to ear smile. Looks like he knows he will have a lot to talk about.

9.10- The president has entered the room. The room is filled with applause from around the room.

9.08- Mark Rubio is surrounded by democrats. The only isolated Republican sitting next to the democrats. How must he feel, right.

9.05 – Only five supreme justices came into the room. Everybody looks quite happy at the meeting. A very relaxed feeling. Everyone is so calm, hard to think this is going to be as serious.

9.02 – The anchorman has called Obama’s last year as the worst presidency. Ouch. Good luck Obama, we will see how this one goes for you.